Shirley Callaghan- Baby Blue

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton

Ladies and gentlemen, today is a good day because it is the day my new favorite artist releases her new track, Shirley Callaghan, the new Irish Sensation that is taking the world by storm with beautiful, haunting sounds and songs has just dropped her latest single Baby Blue. Before we get into the actual track and its very important subject matter, I would just like to talk about Shirley Callaghan as a musician and singer, every so often I come across a musician who moves me and touches emotions within my soul just with her voice, and that is the feeling I get when I hear Shirley’s music. To date, I have officially been sent three tracks for this unique artist, and every time I hear something new from her I am blown away and mesmerized by her voice. 
“What’s so civil about war, anyway? … Guns N’ Roses
Now for the actual song called Baby Blue and its important subject matter, I say important, because although hard to discuss and there are millions of points of view to consider, the war in Gaza, I think we can all agree though, that during a war, the civilians are the people who suffer the most. War brings destruction, destruction of homes and jobs, death, and lack of food, and for what? Just so one country leader can prove they got a bigger ‘Button” than the other? Now a lot of what I am writing now is just my views, but what I am trying to get across is that Shirley’s new track is a song that needs to be brought to the spotlight and people have to give it a listen because it asks certain questions that leaders need to be held accountable for and it gives a voice to the civilians who are suffering the most.
When asked in her own words to explain what the song is about, Shirley had this to say: “Baby Blue is a song I wrote recently.   It is a dark ballad with a heavy subject and with the current situation in Gaza, and the other unjust wars, I just felt very strongly about the current state of the world and most notably the lack of action by world leaders to stop unnecessary wars and conflict,   It is disgraceful and shameful that anyone can justify what is happening right now.  
It is also an attempt for people to raise their voices against war crimes such as starving children and innocent people who have nothing to do with it.  The disruption of hospitals, doctors, and aid workers.  At the end of the day, the responsibility to stop the conflict lies with those in power”.   
Now that we have spoken about the subject matter and well done to Shirley for writing this song, I would also like to mention the talent that Shirley has for singing and the music to the song. As I mentioned earlier, Shirley has this ability to make the listener feel mesmerized and struck with emotion when she sings, and like her previous two tracks, she has gone and did it again with Baby Blue, You can’t help but feel moved by her voice, and with the subject matter she is singing about makes you want to take notice even more. Her piano playing is just as good and lends itself beautifully to the track and lyrics, most musicians might have gone with a heavier stronger sound or drum beat to make you sit back and take notice of the subject matter, but Shirley opted to rather go with a light gentle approach of piano playing and drum beat and let her voice do the talking and I feel that is great because she still accomplished what she did which just shows you her unique talent 
The track was produced by Paul Statham, who seems to be a great secret weapon for Shirley’s music but I feel his work on the track has been so great and he knows his stuff, I look forward to seeing what else he does in the future with Shirley Callaghan 
I would like to congratulate Shirley Callaghan on her new track and once again well done on writing such a track, I think this track is going to do very well and Shirley deserves all the success she gets
You Can Stream And Down Baby Blue HERE

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