Cape Town’s We Kill Cowboys Unleash Raw Power With Their Video For Latest Single R.I.P


Cape Town based rock unit We Kill Cowboys release the video for their latest single R.I.P out now via Mongrel Records.  Fronted by Alex Muller, whose sultry and gritty vocals lead the charge, We Kill Cowboys’ sound is a blend of psychedelic rock, grunge, and stoner blues. Their music dives deep into anti-establishment themes, inviting listeners into a world of thought-provoking narratives.
The band’s upcoming single, inspired by the pain of betrayal, is a personal yet universally relatable anthem. Muller comments, “The song is based on dealing with betrayal. It’s a very personal song, one of those kinds that just pours out. They need to come out. You need to feel that shit and share it.”

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We Kill Cowboys’ live performances are a visceral journey, with Jono’s searing guitar riffs, Andrews’ thunderous drum fills, and Danie’s fuzzy bass grooves creating an immersive sonic experience that leaves audiences’ ears ringing and minds reeling.
Prepare to have your senses ignited as We Kill Cowboys turn up the amps, delivering a musical experience that both blows earholes and expands horizons.


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