Indie rock band Mann Friday unleashes cinematic masterpiece: the music video for “Hurricane”
Watch the Music Video for “Hurricane” HERE


[Pictured: Still from “Hurricane” music video]
Photo credit – Michele Benigna
Mann Friday, the Southern African indie rock sensation, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest music video masterpiece, “Hurricane,” set to captivate audiences worldwide. This visual extravaganza promises to take viewers on an unforgettable journey through the tumultuous landscape of fragmented love.
Directed by Mann Friday’s very own drummer, Michele Benigna, “Hurricane” ventures into the heart of a tempestuous love story, showcasing the raw intensity and powerful resurgence of emotion amidst the rugged coastline of Wellington, New Zealand. Renowned as a veteran filmmaker and award-winning visual effects artist at Peter Jackson’s WETA FX, Benigna has masterfully crafted a cinematic exploration that transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling.
Shot amid the breathtaking vistas of Wellington’s coastline, the video unfolds with the subtlety of a whisper, only to erupt into a whirlwind of emotion at the faintest recollection. Drawing inspiration from the visceral imagery of David Lynch and the meticulous aesthetic of Stanley Kubrick, “Hurricane” seamlessly blends raw intensity with subconscious allure, creating an immersive experience that lingers long after the final frame.
Watch the Music Video for “Hurricane” HERE

“I wanted to create a visual journey that mirrored the chaos theory’s delicate premise, where a single memory burgeons into a hurricane of emotion,” explains Benigna. “The video pays homage to the greats like Lynch and Kubrick while carving its own path through the raw, unfiltered narrative of ‘Hurricane.'”

The video features mesmerizing performances by actors Louis Densem and Jess Lee Foote, whose chemistry ignites the screen with an electric fervour. With Michele Benigna at the helm, supported by producer Alexis Smith and director of photography Nolan Verheij, “Hurricane” stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication of Mann Friday.

“We poured our hearts and souls into this labour of love, and we can’t wait for our fans to experience it,” says the band. “We hope ‘Hurricane’ resonates with audiences everywhere and introduces our music to new ears.”

Don’t miss the storm. Brace yourself for the visual spectacle of Mann Friday’s “Hurricane”.

Director/Edit/VFX/Grading/Concept: Michele Benigna
Producer: Alexis Smith
DOP: Nolan Verheij
Actors: Louis Densem and Jess Lee Foote
Special thanks to Luna Mary Benigna and Beatrice Foschetti for their invaluable contributions.

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