Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – Instructions for Fate (Single) – 17.04.24



Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, with their latest album “A Human Home,” delve deep into the essence of existence, exploring themes of intimacy, isolation, and the yearning for connection. The album, conceived during the lockdown in Lucy’s room in Berlin, is a raw and introspective journey that resonates with the shared experiences of the tumultuous times.

The haunting waltz of existential struggle that permeates the lyrics of “Instructions For Fate” seems to echo throughout the album, intertwining with the intimate musings on what it means to belong and to feel at home. From the depths of dread to the quiet embrace of death, Lucy’s vocals lead listeners through a labyrinth of emotions.

“Instructions For Fate” serves as a poignant invitation into the sonic sanctuary crafted by Lucy and her collaborators. With spoken words of longing and a swirling synthesis of sounds, the song beckons listeners to immerse themselves in its intimate depths.

What sets “A Human Home” apart is not just its musicality, but the collaborative spirit that permeates its creation. From spontaneous conversations to remote collaborations spanning continents, Lucy Kruger embraces the influence of others on her creative journey, acknowledging that home is not merely a place, but the people we hold dear.

As the album prepares for its full release in May through Unique Records + Metropolis Records (USA), Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys continue to enchant audiences with their live performances, captivating listeners across Europe and beyond. Through their music, they offer a glimpse into the fragile yet resilient human spirit, seeking solace and connection amidst the chaos of the world.

*** Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys – Instructions For Fate (Single)


Release Date: 17 April  2024

listen link: HERE

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Released by Unique Records + Metropolis Records (USA). For more info contact 



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