Vocals -Skumlove
Guitar -Robyn Sin
Guitar -M. Loebig
Drums -Jas Dillon
Bass -Diablo
The band “SKUMLOVE’s new EP “Feeding The Ego” is soon to be released with the success of their single “EGO”, which was produced by Alex Crescioni and Mastered by Maor Appelbaum.  The band decided to connect with some old friends and some new ones to put together a remix EP called “Feeding The Ego.” which will hit your digital streaming services and iTunes on April 31st. 
The first Single was a collaboration with one of our favorites, Combichrist.  Andy LaPlegua really added their staple to this song.  We got Jay Gordon of Orgy collaborating with the new artist K9 To bring us a very current EBM mix that will for sure make the rounds with DJs.  Roman Marisak from Professional Murder Music came back in to do an amazing remix with a trip hop twist. It was good to hook up with him again as he produced our first two albums. 
Kevin Kipnis of Purr Machine returned with an awesome mix as usual. He has done previous remixes for us, and we are talking about doing some music together in the near future. 
Dark Wave Industrial maniacs, Frontal Boundary took the song and really made it their own giving it a new life. 
Our good friend and veteran Producer, Sean Dever of The Forge Recording Brought a slow, dark, industrial, dirge that will easily become a favorite to the genre. 
We also decided to let our fans know where the original version of ego came from by releasing the original demo from 2000 As a bonus on this EP. This dark and gritty mono version is like a time machine to Skumlove’s History… their Legacy. This is a digital release that will be available anywhere you stream your favorite digital music. that will also be available To pre-order on Itunes April 15th with the release to take place on April 30TH.
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