Introducing Matt Shaw:
Listen to his heartfelt pop-folk debut single “Why Why Why”.
Stream/listen to “Why Why Why” HERE


[Pictured: Matt Shaw]
Photo credit – Craig Anderson
Port Elizabeth-based musician Matt Shaw is thrilled to announce the release of his debut single, “Why Why Why,” available on all major streaming platforms starting Friday, April 19th.
A departure from the familiar territories of pop and rock, “Why Why Why” embraces a heartfelt pop-folk sound infused with a hint of South African flavour. Drawing inspiration from artists like Matthew Mole, Will Linley, George Ezra, and Noah Kahn, Shaw’s music reflects a diverse range of influences, promising listeners an immersive musical experience.Speaking about his debut single, Shaw shares, “Although I’ve always had a soft spot for pop and rock, ‘Why Why Why’ takes a different path. It’s particularly close to my heart as it emerged during a tough time in my life. Originally intended as a sombre ballad, the song took on a life of its own, transforming into an uplifting anthem that celebrates the healing power of music.”

Stream/listen to “Why Why Why” HERE
Teaming up with James and Tungy from Stonehouse Studios, Shaw brought “Why Why Why” to life, capturing the essence of finding beauty in life’s simplest moments, even amidst adversity. As Shaw looks forward to future projects, including three upcoming tracks, his mission remains clear: to connect with listeners on a deeper level, sharing stories and spreading joy through the magic of music.
“Join me on a journey of introspection and celebration, where authenticity reigns supreme, and melodies resonate from the depths of the soul,”  says Shaw.
[Cover artwork for “Why Why Why”]
Design credit – Danyke De Beer

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