Kilian Wes and Arno Carstens step into the unknown  with “FASCINATED” 


After dedicating his time to producing and writing for other artists, touring, and pursuing acting, producer and songwriter Kilian Wes is once again stepping into the limelight with his new single, “FASCINATED.” The track, a vibrant blend of futuristic alt-pop and 80s dance influences, features none other than legendary South African front man, Arno Carstens, marking a significant collaboration for both artists.


“Fascinated” represents a departure from the usual styles of both Kilian Wes and Arno Carstens, residing in a realm of its own. The infectious track is the result of a collaboration that Kilian describes as a dream come true. “To have someone of his vision and experience come to my little bedroom studio to work on a song was crazy,” says Kilian.

He first crossed paths with the platinum-selling frontman while working as an intern at a studio, where he found himself recording drums for a few of Carstens’ tracks. Their professional relationship blossomed into a friendship, and it wasn’t long before Kilian mustered the courage to propose a collaboration. “I presented him with the idea in my studio, and in less than 20 minutes, the song took a completely different direction,” recalls Kilian. “He gave me room to ‘play’ and try new things that were just so outside my comfort zone. That feeling of this powerful and borderless creative expression stuck with me that day and it’s something I would always strive for to feel again on any project.”

Arno Carstens shared his perspective on the creation of “Fascinated,” describing it as “about a scholarly investigation of desire and the discovery of beauty in unexpected places.” The track’s production reflects this exploration, incorporating unexpected sounds, textures, and genres, all woven together by Arno‘s rich, nostalgic voice.

Both Kilian and Arno are thrilled with the result of their collaboration and hint at future projects together. 

Also look out for Kilian’s upcoming single, “Don’t You,” featuring Capetonian rapper Moyoza and now New York-based indie artist Gabriela Diamond.


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