Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions celebrate our African wilderness with new single and music video ‘Made of Sun’.
Watch the music video for ‘Made of Sun’ HERE


[Pictured: Still from ‘Made of Sun’ Music Video]

South African indie-folk sensation Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions are excited to release their highly anticipated new single and music video for ‘Made of Sun’.

Frontman Ben Dey delves into the inspiration for the single, saying, “As a South African singer-songwriter, much of my music is inspired by our enduring landscapes. ‘Made of Sun’ is no exception, echoing the unique wilderness of Africa. Music, as my creative expression, is intertwined with my love for the wild spaces around us, and I pay homage to that connection with ‘Made of Sun.'”

Stream/listen to ‘Made of Sun’ HERE

Through ‘Made of Sun’, Dey explores the blurred boundaries between human and natural worlds, expressing how nature is an extension of our humanness. The single is a celebration of our interconnectedness with the earth, and how nature guides and mirrors our love for one another and the greater earth community.
The collaborative and exploratory creative process behind the song drew influences from landscapes and sounds to produce a project the band is super stoked with.
The music video for ‘Made of Sun’ captures the wild foothills of the Drakensberg and Ben Dey as a wandering nomad.  Ben explains the concept behind the video, stating “The visual narrative follows the nomad as he moves through the environment. The environment opens up to him as he moves through it. There is no separation between the man and the environment. It shines with meaning. This encapsulates the message of ‘Made of Sun’.“


Watch the music video for ‘Made of Sun’ HERE


Ben Dey and The Concrete Lions have been a prominent part of the South African music scene since 2014, gaining recognition with their hit single ‘Easy Love’ in 2016. Known for their electric live performances, the band has become a regular feature at South African festivals and music venues.
The band has also performed internationally in England, Mozambique, Namibia, and Swaziland, and in 2017, released the acclaimed EP ‘Rise’, praised by critics as one of the best EPs in South Africa for the year.
After focusing on their live set and collaborating with other artists, the band returned with new music in 2020, releasing the single ‘Matter of Time’. In 2021, Ben Dey ventured to Limpopo to write and record new material, resulting in the release of the album ‘In Flow’, influenced by the Bushveld, rural village life, and Sepedi folklore.
‘Made of Sun’ showcases the band’s evolving sound and represents who they are becoming.

[‘Made of Sun’ cover artwork]

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