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“Forever People”



Los Angeles, CA. – Calumet, the funk and soul band out of Phoenix, Arizona formed in 2001, strives to make “21st Century Funk”, an original sound that’s all their own. Their new single and video, “Forever People” is a great example of just that and is out now.

Calumet is Eric Mobley (vocal, keyboards, guitar), Jason Mitchell (bass, guitar, vocal), Julian Mitchell (drums, vocal), Kendall Davis (vocal), Michelle Worley (vocal), Larry Brodie (sax), and David Moore (sax, flute).

Calumet is also known for having music with meaning. “Forever People”, as Jason Mitchell explains, “has a clear message and is about a certain personality type that is drawn to and craves power over others. Usually described as sociopaths, these people don’t have compassion for, or a desire to help those they rule. When they gain positions of power and influence, retribution and corruption result, as they steal resources, kill or jail their enemies, and rig the political system in their favor. The title refers to their refusal to give up power after becoming a “dictator for life.”

The writing process for, “Forever People”, started as a spontaneous jam between Jason, Eric, and Julian. Jason says, “It was one of those moments when everyone knows immediately that the groove feels great. Eric wrote the jazzy bridge changes, with sax legend Jerry Donato recording the solo. Then, I wrote the lyrics after reflecting on how it seems that we can never get rid of the worst politicians.”

Calumet just finished up a couple of new singles that will debut in May and June of 2024. The first, “Live Love”, sounds something like what would happen if Sly Stone and Jimi Hendrix had a band.

The band has been locked into a productive period of writing and recording for the past year, which they expect to continue for the rest of 2024. New singles are being released every month, featuring their fusion of funk, rock, and soul with big vocal hooks and a pop song writing sensibility.






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