Nastiriff Unleashes a Frenzy with the Release of Their Debut Single and Video “Suck It”



Cape Town-based band Nastiriff is set to shake the foundations of rock with their debut release, “Suck It.” Infusing Riot Riff Rock with a blend of humor and rage, Nastiriff delivers an unapologetic anthem that embodies defiance and empowerment.
“Suck It” is not just a song; it’s an attitude. With its obnoxious, provocative, and aggressive lyrics, the track encourages listeners to confront negativity head-on and embrace a carefree outlook on life. Inspired by the rebellious spirit of John Lynch’s “This Is My United States of Whatever,” lead singer Gavin Willmers sought to capture a similar feeling in his own unique way.
Gavin, reflecting on the songwriting process, shares“I think I just needed to say, ‘fuck you, I’m done with your kak and I really, really don’t care about you’ But in a funny way.”
The band, originally comprised of Todd Bauermeister on drums, Lloyd McKeen on bass, Liam Brodie on keys, and Gavin Willmers on guitar and vocals for recording, has recently undergone a transition. With the departure of Liam Brodie and Todd Bauermeister, it has now evolved into a trio. The newest addition to the lineup is drummer Slade Stephenson, who makes his appearance in the latest video.
Recorded at Sonic Nursery in Gardens, Cape Town, with producer Ruan Vos, the track underwent a meticulous creative process to ensure its raw energy and authenticity. With “Suck It,” Nastiriff invites audiences to embrace their inner rebel and confront life’s challenges with a defiant attitude. The single and video are now available on all major streaming platforms.


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