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Starting from Scratch

Only Okay, also known as Griffin Shiminski, continues to grace the hip-hop world with his resounding beats and unforgettable lyrics. His new EP, Starting from Scratch, is dropping April 26, 2024. It’s the follow-up to his incredible, “25”, song album that came out in January 2024.

Only Okay says, “Starting from Scratch, is the first of four EPs that I will be dropping this year. The title was chosen to signify a fresh start. These are the first songs I’ll be dropping on all streaming platforms and YouTube in 2024, so I thought, Starting from Scratch, would be a good place to begin. The title itself is from an old unreleased EP that my friend, Lil Rads, and I put together back in 2021, and I just thought this was the perfect time to use it.”

The 5 tracks on, Starting from Scratch, include: Mr. Sandman, Get Back, I Am Building, Needle, and The Remedy. These are 5 previously unreleased songs from Griffin’s, “25” album. These songs are a combination of upbeat hip-hop beats along with slower, atmospheric ones. The EP starts out high energy and fun, then ends with two thought-provoking songs.  

On April 25th, Only Okay is having his first listening party for his, “25” album. It’s a 2-hour event at Renegades Bar in Garden City, MI. It will be a combination of listening to the entire album in order, along with some performances including songs from the new, Starting from Scratch EP.

Griffin continues to go beyond boundaries to create the most memorable tracks and creative content. He will be filming a music video in Mexico next month and is also performing a lot of shows across the country. In addition, he’s working on another 3 EPs dropping this year, which will include songs from, “25”, and some new ones too.


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