Jimmy Nevis engages with fans on latest “Secret Lovers” release.

Listen to “Secret Lovers” HERE

Acclaimed South African singer-songwriter Jimmy Nevis has released his latest single, ‘Secret Lovers’. The track promises to be a poignant ode to love in all its forms, particularly addressing the struggles faced by couples who have had to conceal their affection due to societal pressures.
In discussing the inspiration behind ‘Secret Lovers’, Jimmy Nevis revealed, “I wrote this song as a tribute to the couples who’ve had to fight for their love. For those who’ve felt unseen, like they needed to hide their love, felt judged or shame from their families or communities. Queer couples, interracial couples, people from different religions… And so many others.”
What makes this release even more unique is Nevis’s innovative approach to its creation. Engaging directly with his dedicated followers and fans on social media, Nevis solicited their input in shaping the musical direction of ‘Secret Lovers’. Through various reels and interactions, he sought advice and feedback, ultimately incorporating their perspectives into the song’s composition, melodies, and overall vibe.

“I wanted to do something different,” Nevis explained, “find a new way to create. Get my followers involved in the process. So often people don’t know the magic that happens behind the scenes of a song that they love.”

With ‘Secret Lovers’, Jimmy Nevis aims to foster unity and celebration, encouraging listeners to cherish the love they have and to stand proudly against prejudice and discrimination.
Fans can look forward to experiencing the culmination of this collaborative effort with ‘Secret Lovers’ available now on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to “Secret Lovers” HERE
[Cover Art for “Secret Lovers”]

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