Michael Andrews Talks To Fanbase Music Magazine About His Career and Breaks Down His New Single

Interviewed by Duzzy Clayton 


Michael Andrews is a musician who has recently caught my eye, when I was sent his music for my radio show, I was immediately a fan and knew then I needed to get him for an interview 

I’m very excited to present that interview with you now 

Enjoy The Read 


Hi, Michael welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine, let’s start by getting to know you, where are you from, and how long have you been doing music?

Hi Duwyne my name is Michael Andrews I’m from Limerick Ireland. I have always loved music as a kid singing in shows to teaching myself guitar at 15. I have always had a notebook for learning chords and started songwriting not long after I picked up the guitar. As I was growing up I worked different jobs and always had music as my passion a few years ago I started concentrating on songwriting and with a lot of hard work, 17 new songs came along which are the best I have written so far. 

What made you want to do music, what is your earliest memory of wanting to do music?

My earliest memory of wanting to do music is when I was about 5 in primary school my teacher was playing piano and I was standing up singing to the whole class from then on I loved performing as a kid in plays and shows. My real hunger came as a teenager hearing amazing bands like Oasis, The Stone Roses, Eagles, and many more that’s what made me pick up the guitar and start to learn it. 

How would you describe your sound and genre?

I would describe my sound as a throwback to the bands I loved when I was growing up in the 90’s which a lot were Indie bands but also I love so many bands from the 60’s, 70’s onwards.

What sort of bands influenced your music?

My music is heavily influenced by bands such as Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Beatles, The Eagles, Pink Floyd The Verve, and many more. 

Are you a solo musician or do you have a band you jam with?

I’m a solo musician I sing, write lyrics, and play the guitar. 

Let’s talk about your music now, I am a big fan of the song ‘One of these days’ what is that song about? 

Thanks a million, I appreciate you liking One of these days. One of these days, to me, has two meanings for me it’s putting your music out there giving it your all and never giving up on your dreams, and also about those days when we are all struggling in life to get through them and keep in mind there are better days ahead. When I write songs I like to hear what people listening interpret from the songs and sometimes they have a different meaning which I love to hear too.

You never know what tomorrow holds is another great song, how did that song come about?

You never know what tomorrow holds came about pretty quickly the idea came from a pocket watch I received as a gift from my uncle which was owned by my Grandfather whom I never met. The lyrics at the start were the idea from this watch under the watchful eye that led to the rest of the lyrics which was all based around that we have no control over the future and that we need to live for the moment which can be hard but to enjoy the simple moments and this song is all about hope that we can’t control life. 

Where were your tracks recorded, and who worked on them?

All 3 of my tracks were recorded in Cookham London with legendary record producer Stuart Epps who I was honoured to work with as he has worked with all of my idols Oasis, Elton John, Paul Weller, and Led Zeppelin … to name just a few. 

What was the process of recording them? 


Firstly I played the song in each case to get the tempo then a basic beat was added, i then played 4 acoustic guitar tracks and 2 electric guitar tracks. Then the bass track was added and 2 vocal tracks and that was pretty much what was done on the day. Then Stuart works his magic touch the song is sent back to me mastered and ready for release. 

When you write music, can you tell us the process, does the music or lyrics come first?

With me it’s always lyrics that come first I could hear a story, be talking to someone in conversation, it could be a movie, and an idea would come into my head, and if it’s a topic I can personally relate to I would base a song around the idea. Then it’s writing down lyrics making sure they have good meaning to me, the music can take a bit longer to come depending on the song and sometimes it can be a bit faster I have guitars in my kitchen and I could be going out to make a cup of coffee and a riff could into my head I can pick up the guitar and record the idea and work off that and that’s usually how the music comes about. 

Do you have any other songs in the pipeline to be released? 

Yes, I have another 14 songs ready to record but I have just finished my third track which is called Smile on Shine which will be released in a few weeks under Epps Records. 

Please explain a live music experience of yours, is it a chilled-out or lively event?

When performing live I do some covers of my music which is a wide variety of songs from Oasis to Roy Orbison to the Beatles and all of my own latest songs One of these days, You Never Know What Tomorrow Holds and Smile on Shine on. It’s a really good mixture of really upbeat songs to songs that are a little more mellow one’s which I think has something for everyone in there. 

Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for our readers? 


To all the readers in Johannesburg and all around the world Dia Duit from Limerick Ireland 🇮🇪thanks a million for taking the time to read my interview I appreciate it. I hope you are all doing well feel free to check out my music on all the major music platforms and if you could follow me on all the major social media like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and X that would be unreal cheers lads keep on rocking. 

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