New Single & Video

“Lovely Lady”

Los Angeles, CA. – Barry & Carr continue express themselves with music written from the heart. The singer-songwriters from Charlottesville, VA. and friends for the last 30 years, have a new single and video for their third recent release, “Lovely Lady”, dropping May 3, 2024.

Barry says their new single, “Lovely Lady” is not about someone specific, “it’s a tribute to all the lovely ladies in the world. The appreciation of beautiful women inspired the song.”

This song was a collaboration, Christopher came up with a catchy guitar riff and Gene worked on the vocals to set the mood of the song. They both hope listeners and fans take away a renewed appreciation for beautiful women.

Barry & Carr are currently working on a new song called “Clear”, where Christopher does some finger picking, while Gene shows off more of his vocal talent. They hope to continue making good music and keep their listeners entertained.







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