From vocal cord paralysis to hitting the high notes again- Becky Boyland’s latest single “Waiting for Wisdom” out now!




Becky Boyland is an Illinois USA-based singer/songwriter and producer, celebrated for her emotive lyrics, empowering melodies, and distinctive acoustic-forward sound. After overcoming vocal cord paralysis that had left her with merely a whisper following spine surgery, Becky is once again singing, producing, performing, collaborating with multiplatinum-selling songwriters, and releasing highly anticipated new music.



Co-written with Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame legend Sharon Vaughn“Waiting for Wisdom” is an anthem for those who realize that even as a “grownup” we all have much to learn and strive for. Becky says, “With every year that passes, I recognize just how much I’m still a little girl on the inside. I love facts and information, but wisdom is how we tie all that knowledge together to live well. I think we’ll always be chasing—and waiting for—wisdom.”


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