Gina Ross Releases Her New Single ’Go Easy’ 


For 35 years, Gina put family first and put her own music dreams on hold. Now she’s BACK! 

Gina Ross feels blessed. At 63, she’s overjoyed to release her first single in 35 years with a song she’s written for her beautiful daughter Carmen.

Gina put her own music dreams on hold to care for her daughter and more recently, her husband who has been receiving treatment for an incurable cancer. She was touched when her daughter responded to the news of her new single release.

Mum it’s your turn; go sing your songs!”

New Single: ‘Go Easy’

Gina Ross’s success has been defined by her ability to deliver a song. The power and range of her voice allows her to captivate and relate to audiences that have won her worldwide praise and approval.

So it seems only fitting that Gina’s single release, ‘Go Easy’, should show off this powerhouse of a voice. Her new single, with its driving energy and anthem like chorus’s, will have her audience totally engaged, with its positive, uplifting and life-affirming message. Be assured that her delivery is straight from her heart, straight to theirs!

This song was written in collaboration with platinum-award-winning songwriter and producer Martin Sutton. Martin has written hits for stars like Backstreet Boys, Sir Cliff Richard, Leanne Rimes and many more. This song was recorded as part of The Songwriting Academy’s Ultimate Artist Release Program, where fifteen songs by fifteen different artists will be released all on the same day.


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