New single release: David Fourie – Die Dans Ding.

Photos: SJ van Zyl

Styling: Chicago Meyer

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David Fourie made his professional appearance as a singer in 2002, when he reached the final round of the popular Idols-South Africa competition. Today, he is known for songs like “Ek wil jou ken”; “Land in die Suide”; “Kaboemielies”; “Hou my vas, stywer vas” and his most recent number one English single “On the radio.”

Fourie’s father said to him shortly before his death in 2016: “Come back to Afrikaans music son, our people miss you.” Wise words of a father who also inspired his famous song, “Kaboemielies”. As his father gently tried to show where the roots were buried, David began writing music again, and after 8 years he now invites EVERYONE to join him on stage with Die Dans Ding.

What is Die Dans Ding? From David’s perspective?

“My new music is not only ‘a traditional Afrikaans pop song’, but also an invitation to celebrate life, despite setbacks, illness, grief and any challenges that we might face. It is wonderful to tune in and dance just as you are and connect with others and the lightness of being. The last five years has been challenging to the world as a collective and there is no better cure than to join together in song and dance.”

What inspired David to write this song.

“I started working in New Zealand during my time with ‘n organisation, StarJam, where I taught children with various physical and mental challenges to sing and dance. The programme focused on challenging these children to deliver their best through music. It was such ‘a great experience that even made the news. Here in South Africa, I work at the Imibala Trust, with children who experience socio-economic challenges. The same principle applies: to dance and celebrate life in spite of daily problems. I am super proud of these kids as they are also on their way to perform overseas soon. All these experiences changed my approach to my own music and purpose in the SA Music Industry and I now write and create from that perspective.”

The Dance Thing Video.

As the lyrics indicate, David invites his audience, everyday people, our people, to push the play button with him on their lives and see what happens… Viewers and listeners recognize themselves, friends, neighbors, strangers, and even TikTokers, while the music has ‘a liberating effect on everyone who experiences their own challenges in life: physical, sociopolitical,

culturally etc. It becomes ‘A BIG dance party with David as frontman. Die Dans Ding is a thing and it pulls you in!

The Music.

Die Dans Ding is testimony of Fourie`s evolution as an Afrikaans popstar. The progressive sound of the track is also in part due to the fantastic input of producer and co-writer Fred den Hartog (Die Heuwels Fantasties.) There is great excitement among friends and fans to partake in the dance moves and to join David Fourie to dance from the heart. The track is also set for high rotation radio-play across the country.

Stream the single here: HERE



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Photos: SJ van Zyl

Styling: Chicago Meyer

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