Self-doubt drove her away from music and heartbreak led her back to it!

 Livvy Clarke releases her latest single

 ‘Love Letter’



Livvy Clarke is a neo-soul singer songwriter whose voice has been likened to some of her musical heroines: Angie Stone, India Arie and Tracy Chapman. Her songs are emotional, thought provoking and give an insight into her life story. After years of running away from her urge to write music, it took her daughter becoming disabled and watching her nearly die to finally reach for her go-to coping mechanism of putting pen to paper. She says, “I suppose writing to me is like a bodily function, it’s better out than in.” 


‘Love Letter’


Love Letter is the result of a project run by The Songwriting Academy, where Livvy teamed up with Julian Hinton, a renowned songwriter, arranger and producer. The song is a celebration of the life she has managed to carve out for herself despite a chaotic past. She is very excited, “Normally I write about serious stuff, but this was a chance to write a happy song, who knows, it could be catching!”

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