She hit rock bottom and music saved her soul-Vauxy release their debut  ‘Lesson’


Vauxy, a Liverpool-born singer-songwriter who makes music for the ethereal journey of self-discovery and Marketing Manager, reignited her passion for life through music after the sudden loss of her dad. This void triggered an existential crisis to question who she was and her place in this world. Her leap into songwriting – a dream she had longed for since she was 17 – set her soul alight and made her feel like a kid again. A form of therapy, music lets her express herself and she helps and inspires others to face themselves through writing a song about inner conflict to feel free. 




“Lesson, co-written with Juno and Latin Grammy-winning songwriter, guitarist, and producer James Bryan is about having to face yourself at a time of loss, when life has lost its meaning. You are your own life lesson. The moment you hit rock bottom teaches you to understand who you are and why you are here. To know that everything in life happens ‘for you’, for a reason, and not ‘to you’. You have the answers inside you which hold the power to set you free. Lesson is an emotive, uplifting fusion of folk and acoustic pop and my debut release.”

‘Lesson’ was made as part of The Ultimate Artist Release Programme from The Songwriting Academy where 15 songs by different artists will be released on the same day on 16 May 2024.


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