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Around 7 is a 3-piece alternative punk rock band from Forfar, Scotland. They have been skating the lines between 90s West Coast punk rock and anthemic alternative rock since their high school days. With melodic riffs, memorable choruses, aggressive dirty bass lines, heavy-hitting technical drumming…and a sock monkey mascot, they are a force to be reckoned with!

In 2023 the band released the singles ‘Breakthrough’ and ‘This Ain’t Your Soundtrack’ which gave the trio a platform and increased visibility across the pop-punk scene in the UK with both tracks receiving solid airplay. The band were no strangers to performing live but this allowed them to stretch their wings and head out across the country on tour. The band caught the attention of SODEH Records and signed a digital distribution with them this year. This forthcoming single will be their first release from the Canadian label.


New single ‘Will To Survive’ is out 28/5/24
via SODEH Records
at 00:00 GMT across all streaming platforms

“Lost and alone. Reaching out and getting pushed away. To continue on or to give up? The question is ‘Do you have the will to survive’? The world is a harsh and ugly place and finding it in yourself to see each day through can be a challenge in itself. The darkness in your own head can often block any light trying to get in but you have to get up and show yourself that it will get better.
It’s got to, right…?”

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Seagate Studio – by Graeme Watt 
Ryan Carroll – Vocals & Guitar
 Lachlan Wallace – Backing vocals & Bass
Adam Cashley – Backing vocals & Drums 
Graeme Watt – Keys 



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