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Livvy Clarke has become a cool musician I have become a huge fan of, I have had the pleasure to interview her a few times both for my Podcast and Fanbase Music Magazine, and every time I chat with her, I am reminded of what a beautiful, strong, and amazing woman she is both inside and out. From living through abuse and a lot of other hectic life situations, it is amazing she can still have a positive outlook on life, but Livvy’s latest single ‘Love Letter’ is a letter to herself saying she is still here and even though it has been hard to get to this part, she was able to get through it and she can be proud of herself. I hope people who have been through similar things can take inspiration from the song and know it can and does get better 

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Hi Livvy, Welcome back to Fanbase Music Magazine. The last time we featured you, you had just bought out your single, The Way You Are. How did you feel that track did online?
 As an independent artist coming into the industry, every track is a learning experience. I don’t think I knew enough about music promotion when I released it. Surprisingly the track has had more radio play than I expected, probably because of the message. I’m glad people have connected with it enough to want others to listen to it. 
Can you remind us where you are from? How would you describe your sound?
I’m a Neo-Soul singer-songwriter living in the UK and being compared to Tracy Chapman has been my ultimate mic drop moment.
Okay, let’s talk about the latest single, which is equally doing well online. Can you explain to us what Love Letter is about?
Love Letter is a love letter to myself, a celebration of coming out on the other side of a chaotic life. There are so many times when my life could have come to a premature end and so many wrong turns I took to get here, that it’s a wonder I made it. 
Can you tell us who else worked on the track and how it has been working with that specific producer? 
Julian Hinton was my co-writer on the song and also did his magic thing with the production. He is talented, hardworking, and knowledgeable, and has worked with artists such as Stormzy, Sir Rod Stewart, and Seal.
I can only describe the process of working with Julian as pure joy. We worked out very quickly what our strengths were and gave each other space to get the job done. It also helps that Julian is an incredibly lovely and very kind person.
When you wrote the track, what was your hope for the track and for people who listen to it?
I just wanted to write a song I could be proud of. That’s always my focus when I write, if I worried about who would listen to it, I’d be so paralyzed with fear, I’d never write a word. 
Can you tell us, did you come up with the lyrics first or the music when you wrote Love Letter?
Julian and I knew what the feel of the song was that we wanted to write. At first, we chatted a lot about my life and I remember saying to him, “The first time I nearly died medically …” and he couldn’t stop laughing because he thought it would be hilarious trying to fit that in as a line in the song. Once we knew what we were writing about, he started playing ideas on the piano. I latched onto one of them and we took it from there. 
Can you tell us what else you have in the pipeline? Are there any new tracks coming out?
Yes, at the moment I’m working on a more jazzy funk track with Chris Edwards, who has produced my other tracks. We’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I also have some more music in the pipeline with Julian, which I’m also very excited about 
I would also like to talk about one of your latest singles namely, ‘Enough’, what is that song about?
I wrote Enough about saying goodbye to my mother, knowing I’d never see her again. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I kept a lid on it until I recorded it 29 years later and had panic attacks in the process. The grief that exploded out of me felt worse in some ways than when she died because I was finally telling myself and the world about it, so there was no going back and she was never coming back to me. I’m thrilled that Chris allowed my daughters to be involved on the track. Lauren did background vocals which Erin recorded. Erin also played the drums on the track.
Thank you for doing this interview. Do you have any last messages for your fans?
Only that it’s a privilege to be able to make music that they connect with., I’m very grateful for and humbled by every kind interaction.


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