The Amazing Gina Ross Talks To Fanbase Music Magazine, About Her New Single ‘Go Easy’, Her Hopes For The Single, Working With Tina Turner And Percy Sledge & More

Interviewed by Duzzy Clayton

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Gina Ross is an amazing Singer and songwriter who has travelled the world through music and even worked with Tina Turner and Percey Sledge, but her latest song speaks about anxiety and mental health issues and what it felt like being a mother when her daughter was going through these illnesses, This is an amazing interview that talks about all that and more

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Hi Gina, welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine, please tell us where you grew up and how you got into music.

I grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I began singing from an early age. I was five years old when my Auntie Angeline would teach me the songs she would sing when she sang with the Big Show Bands of that time. This led me to sing for the local Sunday School on the streets of Belfast singing hymns and raising money for various charities.

You have travelled all around the world through music, please can you tell us where you have been and how has the experiences been?

Having travelled extensively throughout my career I have had the good fortune as a Professional Singer to have graced the stage of venues such as The Federal Palace Hotel, Nigeria. The Taj Hotel, Mumbai, where I performed in the presence of His Highness, The Aga Khan. The Mandarin Hotel, Singapore. Hotel Indonesia, Indonesia. The Gaborone Sun, Botswana and an extensive tour of The Zimsun Hotel Group including the world-famous Victoria Falls Hotel in Zimbabwe.

It has been an absolute joy to have performed in all these wonderful and exotic places, precious memories that will remain with me forever.

You have even performed and worked with big names such as Tina Turner and Percy Sledge, can you paint a picture in words of how it was working with each of them and how were they as people?

I was eighteen years old when I shared the same stage with the iconic Tina Turner.

After her show, I had the most wonderful opportunity to meet her personally backstage. My dressing room was next to hers. I asked her what advice could she give to me and my career, and her reply to me was “Never give up,” her kindness and humility will be my abiding memory of this amazing lady and sensational performer.

It was when I was twenty-one that I appeared alongside Percy Sledge (When A Man Loves A Woman) in Swaziland. What a true gent he was and of course his voice and his shows were amazing. I was his support act, and we had a lot of fun doing our shows. There were times when we would have long deep conversations about life and many other things.



Can you describe your music to our listers, how would you describe your genre and sound?

I guess the genre and sound I would be likened to would be of those artists that have powerful voices, those Female Singers who can ‘belt out a song’. Think of your favourite female artist who you recognised as having a powerhouse of a voice and chances are, when I have been performing, I have sung their songs.

What bands and musicians influenced you as a teen and even today?

There truly are so many. To name a few; Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion, Jennifer Rush, Diana Ross, Tracey Chapman, Joan Armatrading, Shirley Bassey and my all-time favourite the wonderful Elkie Brooks whom I still admire to this day.

Let us talk about the new single, namely, ‘Go Easy’, which is a beautiful track with a great message, can you please tell us in your own words what the song is about?

My new single, ‘Go Easy’ was written for my beautiful daughter Carmen, who has struggled for many years with anxiety, self-doubt, and her mental health. There were times when as a Mother I would have to try and lift her emotionally from despair. It was hard for her to cope with the challenges that life threw at her. There was a time when she did not leave our family home for almost eighteen months. It was for her and others like her who are going through a tough time with their mental health. Those who must wait years for the opportunity to seek help with counselling to be taught the coping mechanisms to be put in place so that they may eventually learn to slowly, little by little, bit by bit learn to heal themselves.

Pictured: Gina Ross’s Daughter Carmen

In what way do you hope this track will touch and resonate with people going through similar things?

Within the words of the song, I hope that those going through similar difficult times understand that the song was written for them also. For them to just ‘Go Easy’ on themselves, to try to understand that is their rite of passage along with everyone else to experience and enjoy the simple joys that surround us all every single day. To know that those around you love you and want only what is best for you. That they are holding unto you with patience, love, and support, for you to take one day at a time, one moment at a time, and to trust in the belief that to… See just one sunrise, to Live just one day, to, Take just one moment, that, IT’S Your Life To, to Go Easy, Go Easy Go Easy on you.

Where was the track recorded and who produced and worked on the single?

The song was a collaboration with Platinum Award Winning Songwriter and Producer Martin Sutton who has written hits for the likes of LeAnn Rimes, Backstreet Boys, Mike and The Mechanics, Sir Cliff Richard and many more. The track was produced and recorded by Martin at his Recording Studios in Worcestershire.

Pictured with Platinum Award Winning Songwriter & Record producer Martin Sutton 

What was the recording process about?

The recording process involved many hours over Zoom where we would both brainstorm and build up a storyboard of how we wanted to construct the song, create the vibe of the song etc. With pages upon pages for suggestions and lyrics, my last count was about ten full A4 pages worth of notes and lyrical content. It was suggested that I could do the recording of our song remotely, but I dearly wanted to record with Martin in person.

The actual recording of the song, putting down my vocal track and the wonderful backing vocals that were provided by Cat Aimi was the most amazing experience. It was very intense and focused, but Martin being Martin made the whole session an absolute joy. Resulting in a song that we are both immensely proud of.

When you write do you come up with the lyrics or music first?

For me, it is usually the lyrics first. I can be woken up at five am with words going round and round in my head and I will get up and write them down till they stop, or I’m so exhausted I fall back to sleep but as soon as I have an idea for the lyrics then I will play around with some simple chords to see if both lyrics and chords blend well. As well as creating a chord progression, usually comes the vibe, feel, and tempo of my new creation…all subject to change off course for the good of the song!

Do you have any other music coming out in the pipeline you can tell us about?

Yes. There is talk of another collaboration with Martin as well as collaborating with another Producer, Reuben Vincent that I have worked with in the past. I do have quite a lot of songs that have already been recorded but not released. I feel that after taking part in The Ultimate Artist Release Program with The Songwriting Academy I feel to give that material the best chance of success it is to address them once again, to have them remastered and once I’m happy with the result I will put them out to the world. Looking forward, my main desire is to write new songs that are, life-affirming, and that will always deliver a positive and uplifting message.
Some exciting times ahead!!!!!!


Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for our readers?

I do. I trust you love my new single ‘Go Easy’ I hope that its message resonates with you all. If you know someone who has been affected by their mental health, please reach out to them, and give them your love, patience comfort and support. Please do not rush them. Let them find their way home, their way back to you, with your guidance, with you right by their side. To hold unto them and say to them, ‘ Go Easy on You.’

God Bless you and thank you.

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‘Go Easy’ by Gina Ross is available on all streaming platforms including, Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube.

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