Pete Loran 

New Single & Video

“Around Again”


Los Angeles, CA. – Pete Loran, the multi-platinum, award-winning, singer-songwriter out of Paramus New Jersey, is best known for being the lead singer of the 1990s, American metal band Trixter. Not ever leaving music in the rearview mirror, Pete is back with a new solo project, single, and video, “Around Again”, dropping May 31, 2024.

Pete says, “The inspiration for, “Around Again”, is me drawing from my experiences and also observing my friends and their relationships. Where things took a turn and went the wrong way and then they became fundamentally broken, it’s the hurt that’s inevitable to follow.”

On the differences between Trixter and his solo music. “Trixter was geared more towards a specific audience, and we were going for that arena rock vibe right out of the gate. It was marketable for the times”. Pete has always been different from that when it came to writing for himself, which he describes as, “more organic and earthy, a powerhouse of Americana.”

Pete Loran has maintained his popularity over the years and believes his fans will be happy that he finally has new music to put out. This single and video, “Around Again”, plays into the fact that there are a lot of us out there who can relate to a broken relationship and all the good and bad that we learn from them, so it will resonate with many.


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