Ziggy Alberts releases emotionally charged new single ‘Outlaw’
Listen to the single ‘Outlaw’

Australian singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts has today unveiled his latest single ‘Outlaw’. This emotionally charged track offers a candidly personal glimpse of Alberts’ growth as both an artist and individual.
‘Outlaw’ is a poignant reflection on shedding societal expectations and embracing one’s true self. Alberts shares, ” This song is about changing course for the better. Standing up for yourself more often. Being kinder, letting yourself be a little more human.”
Co-produced by Garrett Kato, whose collaborative efforts have previously yielded the critically acclaimed ‘Laps Around The Sun’ album, ‘Outlaw’ features Ziggy’s emotive vocals layered over rich guitar tones, creating a captivating blend of rock, folk, and pop influences, reminiscent of artists like The Lumineers and Kings Of Leon. 
The recording process for ‘Outlaw’ was marked by moments of artistic exploration. Under Kato’s guidance, Alberts pushed the boundaries of his vocal range, resulting in raw and emotive performances that elevate the track to new heights. 
With lyrics like “If I could remain more unfazed, you could be something earned not won”, ‘Outlaw’ invites listeners on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. It’s a song that speaks to the universal human experience of navigating life’s challenges and embracing one’s true identity.
‘Outlaw’ marks another milestone in Ziggy Alberts’ illustrious career, following the international success of his previous single, ‘New Love’. Set against the backdrop of Ziggy Alberts’ extensive 2024 New Love World Tour, ‘Outlaw’ is a testament to Alberts’ distinctive musical style and is poised to resonate with audiences worldwide. It’s a song that not only showcases Alberts’ progression as an artist but also offers listeners a message of hope and empowerment.
With this release, Ziggy’s evolving musical narrative continues to develop, having just been awarded the APRA award for ‘Most Performed Blues & Roots Work’ for the title track of his hugely popular 2022 album ‘DANCING IN THE DARK’ in May 2024. His previous album, ‘searching for freedom’, landed #1 on the AIR Album Chart (Independent Labels) and #5 on the ARIA Top 20 Australian Albums chart in the first week of release. ‘searching for freedom’ has received praise from the likes of American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine and Rolling Stone France.
 In May 2022 Ziggy added APRA award winner to his notable list of achievements, including his ARIA Accredited repertoire including 6 Gold Singles, 1 Gold Album, 7 Platinum Singles, 1 Double Platinum single and 1 Platinum EP.


“[New Love is] an upbeat folk song with a lively foot-stomping rhythm that just begs you to get up and dance. Perfectly tailored for the crowds on the Aussie songwriter’s upcoming world tour.”  Rolling Stone AU & NZ

“Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and love of creating music designed for live performance, Ziggy tells a story of trading innocence for experience and embracing trials and
newfound triumphs. Through his signature environmental metaphors, he encourages listeners to
embark on a journey of loving self-reflection and embrace the joy of being present.” – Galore SA Media
“Inspired by his personal experiences and his love for creating music conceived for live performance,
Ziggy tells a story in which innocence is exchanged for experience and adversity and new triumphs are faced. Through his signature environmental metaphors, he encourages listeners to embark on a journey of loving self-reflection and embrace the joy of being present.” – DP Magazine, Spain

“For fans who’ve been following Ziggy’s career from day dot, his increasing popularity wouldn’t come as a shock. To everyone else, the Ziggy story is probably still something of a surprise. He’s a self-made success, and it’s a grassroots swell plenty of people are getting behind” – Triple J


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