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“Turn To Rock ‘n’ Roll”


Los Angeles, CA. – ESQ has garnered millions of YouTube views from all over the world and celebrates it with their new single and video, “Turn to Rock ‘n’ Roll”, out June 14, 2024. Larry Sager, the founding member and heart of ESQ, hopes to continue spreading the music to more places and share his love for it.

Sager says, “Our current single, “Turn to Rock ‘n’ Roll”, is an acknowledgment, tribute and note of appreciation to our fans in South America, Southeast Asia, Turkey, Ukraine and India, where the majority of our 20 million views are coming from on YouTube. Also, places like Egypt, Vietnam and Pakistan, where we don’t quite hit the millions, but we have substantial numbers from there.”

As the song mentions all these diverse and different places in the world, ESQ thought it would be nice to have some visuals in the video of those places as a further acknowledgment and hopefully inspiration to those people watching and that ESQ appreciates their interest.

ESQ continues to work on new music, including their next release, “Feel The Love”, as well as shoot more videos. In addition, they are making plans to record 2 or 3 new songs with the invaluable guidance from Producer/Engineer Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Be sure and catch ESQ’s live stream on June 28, 2024, at The Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood, California with guest musicians who are sitting in Greg Coats (bass), Mike Dupke (drums) and Alex Kane (guitar).


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