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Every so often you come across a musician and a song, and you are taken aback by the pure talent and beautiful calmness of the song. This is the exact kind of feeling you get when listening to Gina Ross’ latest single, namely, Go Easy. Gina’s beautiful voice, along with the beautiful yet important message of the song, just screams amazing throughout the whole song.
Gina Ross has been in the music business for a long time; her talent can be heard on several records, and she has also been lucky enough to tour the world through music. Her career has been so amazing that she has even performed with big names such as Tna Turner and Percy Sledge, to mention a few. But one thing is true since getting to know Gina: despite her success in the music business, she has remained humble with a beautiful soul and mind, and I am lucky to call her a friend. 
Go Easy, her latest single, is nothing short of a masterpiece, first of all, I mentioned earlier this is an important song and subject matter and I will tell you why, in an interview with Gina, she told me who and what the song is about, her beautiful daughter Carmen has struggled with Anxiety and mental health issues for most of her life, I think there are loads of readers, and including myself who can relate to that, but as a mother to see your child go through it is also quite scary because at times you feel helpless and useless and wondering how can you be there for your child who is going through such a horrific time, and it because of all this Gina was inspired to write this track Go Easy. I honestly think if you listen to the track and go through similar issues or know someone who is going through similar things, then this track might just help in a small way—to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and there are people who know what you are going through and who care. 
Pictured: Gina Ross’s Daughter Carmen
Now that you know the subject matter of the song, I think you would agree with me that this is one of those important songs that just needed to be written, not only to shed light on a difficult disease or mental health issue but also to be there in a time of need for people who might need to listen to this track. 
The track itself is of the highest perfection, with great vocals to the music. Gina seems to have this amazing ability to hold a note as well as Tina Turner was able to with her music. My favorite line in the song is a simple one but seems to have a good message behind the line: See just one sunrise. I know when you are dealing with anxiety and depression, getting out of bed can seem so daunting, but things like watching a sunrise are so good for the soul. It’s a simple lyric but so effective. This is also an indication of what I meant when I said that Gina holds a note so well. As she belts out this lyric, I seem to get emotional because of her beautiful, strong voice and just because I love sunrises.
It is a given that Gina’s voice is amazing on this track, but I can’t do a review on this song and not comment on the actual music played on the track. Each instrument is played well and to perfection, the recording is top-notch, the production is amazing, and this song is just as good as any great track out there today.
‘Go Easy’ is a collaboration song written between Gina and platinum award-winning songwriter and record producer Martin Sutton, who has written hits for the likes of Sir Cliff Richard, Backstreet Boys, Leann Rimes, and many more big names. It was also recorded at his studio in Worcestershire. You can feel his presence and talent on the track, which I think is a huge part of why the production of this song is so amazing. 
I would like to congratulate Gina Ross and everyone who worked on the track for their amazing work, and I will be playing this track for decades to come.
Pictured with Platinum Award Winning Songwriter & Record producer Martin Sutton 
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‘Go Easy’ by Gina Ross is available on all streaming platforms including, Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube.



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Lyrics to Go Easy 

by Gina Ross & Martin Sutton

You got your head in your hands

But you don’t have to save the whole world tonight

Standing there in the ruins of something beautiful, beautiful

Go easy Go easy Go easy on you

See just one sunrise L

ive just one day

Love one good heart Who loves you just the same

Take just one moment It’s your life too

Go easy Go easy Go easy on you

I’m holding on to you now

I’m gonna stay here till the darkness ends tonight

I’m gonna show you the dawn is something beautiful, beautiful

See just one sunrise

Live just one day Love one good heart

Who loves you just the same

Take just one moment It’s your life too

Go easy Go easy Go easy on you

The mountains that you carry You’re only meant to climb

See just one sunrise

Live just one day

Love one good heart

Who loves you just the same

Take just one moment

It’s your life too Go Easy

Go easy

Go easy on you

You Go easy

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