Absinthe Green began in 2016 as a personal project of songwriter and producer Eirini ‘Absinthe Green’ in Dortmund, Germany. The completion of the songs for the debut album coincided with a move back to Greece in late 2019, where Absinthe was joined by drummer Harry Mason, bassist Villy Pirris, and herself on vocals and guitar, transforming the project into a full-fledged band. Subsequently, Panos Economakis was the latest addition, fulfilling the band’s line-up by assuming guitar duties, completing the ensemble.

Since then, Absinthe Green has been making waves, releasing several singles from their upcoming album and gracing the stages of headlining shows and festivals across Greece. Their music, a rich tapestry of Absinthe’s influences and life experiences, is a captivating fusion of pop elements, aggressive guitars, groovy drum rhythms, and a versatile vocal range. Their debut album, “Of Love and Pain” produced by the renowned Hiili Hiilesmaa will be released in 2024, and it ventures into life’s duality and inner struggles with love and pain, loss and recovery, destruction and creation, light and darkness.


‘Give The Devil His Due’ (re-release)
is out 21/6/24 across all platforms!

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“Give the Devil His Due is the third single release of Absinthe Green, and it features a collaboration with world- renowned musician Snowy Shaw. ‘Give the Devil His Due’ is a song about temptation. The story starts with the main character having a nice evening at home, strumming her guitar, while the devil pays a visit, knocks on the door and as he tries to seduce her, a dialogue begins. The song was born writing the lyric inspired by sea-shanties’ rhythm and rhyme. It features Snowy Shaw in the role of the Devil. My initial approach to this specific tune is to express the feeling of temptation through allegorical storytelling, and music-wise I wanted to write a song that will be fun, playful and groovy for live performance. I recorded the demo singing the Devil’s interlude part with a low voice, and then I immediately realised that it would be amazing if it was sung by a male person with natural low/ baritone voice. I knew Snowy for more than a decade ago, and right away I knew that he was the right person for the role of the Devil, performance and image-wise. I was so happy to see that he liked the song enough to be a part of it. I feel like I subconsciously wrote that part exactly for him”. – Eirini ‘Absinthe Green’

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Give The Devil His Due was originally released 13/5/22.
 Song-writing, lyrics and arrangement by Eirini ‘Absinthe Green’.

Produced by Eirini ‘Absinthe Green’ and Hiili Hiilesmaa.
Recorded by Geegor – Abyssal Productions
at Vena Cava Studios, Athens, Greece.

Snowy Shaw vocals recorded
at Hellhaus Studios, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Drums recorded by Geegor – Abyssal Productions
with the assistance of Mike Meleteas
at Bombtrack Studios, Athens, Greece.

Mixed and mastered by Hiili Hiilesmaa
at Coal House Studios, Hämeenlinna, Finland.


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