Alt metal quintet Paint Me Crimson was formed in 2023, walking in the footsteps of giants Bring Me The Horizon, Sleep Token, and Linkin Park. Bound together on a cathartic journey, the Londoners aim to translate the madness of this world into unpredictable tunes. Their debut single ‘Ghost Over My Shoulder’ is testimony to their unique sound, storytelling, and troubled state of mind.

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Official music video (YouTube)HERE

The song is about anxiety, self-consciousness, and mental health in today’s society. Blending EDM synths with relentless guitar riffs and unusual vocals, the track deals with the concept of battling with one’s own insecurities and how our mind deals with the back and forth of within itself. ‘Ghost Over My Shoulder’ was originally imagined by lead vocalist Bill Rouat in 2023 as he was waiting for a bus and thought he saw someone behind him but couldn’t see that person after looking again a few moments later. Mixing a creepy situation with personal history and fantasy inspired lyrics, this song was to be the band’s debut single. Lead guitarist Danil Almeida’s instrumental, backed by drummer Tyler Evans and bassist Judy Rhodes, gave life to the final track”.

Premiering on YouTube with a full length music video and subsequently released on all streaming platforms, the single has came out the gate swinging, hitting more than 22,000 views and 2000 streams already!


Vocals & lyrics by Nabil Rouat
Guitars and synths by Danil Almeida
Bass guitar by Judith-Marie Rhodes
Drums by Tyler Evans
Performed & recorded by Paint Me Crimson
Produced by Danil Almeida
Mixed and mastered by Jack Fawdry
Co-Produced by Simon Morgan
Co-Produced/engineered by Robert Phillips

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