Shirley Callaghan – Releases New Single ‘Our Leaders Are Sleeping’



In the modern age, war has become as familiar to us as a family friend. It rages in places like Ukraine, Palestine, Sudan, and Afghanistan, yet we see nations sleeping, and leaders speaking without taking any meaningful action.

Every day the news is full of images of death and untold levels of human suffering. The casualty lists rise among the broken ruins of people’s lives.

All this while those in authority fail to act on the basic principles of justice & the right to feel safe.

Shirley was inspired to write this track while musing on the question of why the skies over Ukraine are not closed like they have been elsewhere. If a course of action proves to help one country, then why not employ it in other areas hit by similar conflicts?

Issues like this are a reminder that if we don’t use our voices against injustice then we risk silence on Genocide and the criminals who perpetrate cruel acts on the eternally innocent.

Mixed & mastered by:  Yvonne J Ridgeway

Vocal mix by:  Miles Richards Young

Label & Composer:  Independent Shirley Callaghan Music

Produced by: Betta Music, Yvonne J Ridgeway, Miles Richards Young & Shirley Callaghan

Listen to ‘Our Leaders Are Sleeping’ HERE

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