Romeopathy take very seriously, the idea that they don’t take things very seriously. This leaves them with more time for crafting entrancing live performances to showcase a selection of riffs, solos, melodies and (admittedly bad) jokes. Pulling influences from all corners of music, expect heavy alt-rock riffs, blues melodies, tastes of midwest emo and just a little pinch of 90s grunge.
Having gotten a taste for the road in 2024, Romeopathy are looking to keep spreading their special brand of alternative throughout the masses. Their last singles ‘Memo’ and ‘K.I.T.Y’ from the EP ‘One Night With Romeo’ surpassed all expectations and picked up airplay and stellar reviews across the globe. The band also had both videos featured on Blood, Sweat & Beers, where they received tremendous feedback.

New single ‘Apocalypse’ is out 5/7/24 across all platforms!

Stream on Spotify via HERE
Apocalypse is, at its core, a love song. It’s a song about love that bursts into flame, burns hot, then fades as quickly as it began, leaving you with nothing but the memory. “I tasted your apocalypse, now I crave it”.

Linktree HERE

Music written and performed by Romeopathy:

Aaron Reeve – lead vocals/guitar
Simon Harte – lead guitar/vocals
Adam Woods – bass
Chris Millar – drums

Lyrics written by Aaron Reeve

Recorded and produced at Manor Park Studio in Moneyglass,
Northern Ireland by Neal Calderwood
Mixed, mastered and recorded by Neal Calderwood
Ep and single art work
Aaron Reeve

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