Unapologetically Scottish, The Lines are a post-Brexit, alt-indie sensation who write music for those who don’t, nor want to improve themselves and flirt with unresolved expectations. Following the basic tenants of indie rock, but with unique aspects of our wide range of influences interwoven, this presents in elements of rhythmic beats, funk, and more traditional rock solos. In every live performance we hope to demonstrate to, and include the audience in, our chemistry as a band and as friends. With our passion: driving rhythms, melodic chords, and unique energy, are certain to pull any fan to the front of the barrier!
Previous singles ‘Heart Soup’, ‘Wah Wah Lightning’ and ‘Ephitet’ have been influential in building a platform for the band. All 3 releases received favourable feedback and reached a global radio audience with airplay and streaming numbers both rising in considerable numbers. The band already have support slots under their belt with the likes of Triple G Music and Scruff of the Neck backing them and their name is on the radar up and down the country as one of the freshest and most exciting young bands on the scene!

New single ‘Lips’ will be released 5/7/24
at 00:00 GMT across all streaming platforms.

“Lips is The Lines vibrant reply to disco. A track that captures the pounding energy of a late-night. The song follows the protagonist, trying to leave a busy party after running out of lager, only to find themselves stuck in an endless loop of attempts to exit. With its punchy drums and groovy bassline, ‘Lips’ drives listeners to the dance floor, where time stands still and every moment feels electric. With piercingly catchy melodies over the grooviest bass line of this decade, the song captures those moments when you find yourself in a maze of mirrors and holds your hand as you turn blindly trying to find your way out”. – The Lines

Written by Harry GallacherMarc Sermanni,
Michael Macgee and Sam Lamb.
Recorded/ Produced by Roddy McIlwraith

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