Shirley Callaghan- Our Leaders Are Sleeping 
Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton
Irish Sensation Shirley Callaghan is back with her latest single and trust me it does not disappoint, over the last few months I have become a huge fan of Shirley, I feel she has such a beautiful captivating voice. Not scared to speak about important matters like her last track Baby Blue, her latest offering “Our Leaders Are Sleeping’ is of a similar subject matter this time shining a spotlight on the War in Ukraine, and questioning ‘our leaders’ thinking and actions against our fellow human citizens affected by the destruction, I do honestly believe in Shirley Callaghan’s music and outspoken songs on this matter and I applaud her for using her platform in calling out the people responsible for making these decisions.
Now that you know the subject matter of the track I do hope you will go check the track out and support Shirley in her quest to be a voice for these people affected by it, I think we all have our own opinions and which side we on but one thing we all can agree on that, war isn’t good for anyone and especially the poor innocent civilians effected, I also think it is just to easy for people not in those countries to turn the other way but I think a man who does not care about the situation does not have compassion for the human race. That is just my opinion as a writer and journalist.
The track itself is a beautiful song that shows off great piano playing of Shirley, also her great vocal range, one thing I can say about this unique musician is she does get better and better with each new release, her past work is already amazing so this is just a perfect exaggerated version of that. 
In my mind, Shirley proves her skills in her songwriting, and as mentioned earlier this is a difficult subject but she manages to pen down lyrics that not only tell a story but have emotion to any who listens to it.
The song was produced and mixed by the awesome people at Miriyo Studio, and Miles Richards Young and Yvonne J Ridgeway, did an awesome job of the song, the cool thing about these producers is, that they are musicians themselves so they get it, and understand how to make a great single sound amazing 
Normally I like to give an example of when the track I am reviewing is best listened to for eg, on full volume or around a braai or BBQ with friends but for this release, I am rather going to say what my hope is for anyone who listens to this track if you are a civilian who is affected by the war, I hope you hear this song and find comfort, peace, and hope and feel like you not alone, there are people out there, people trying to give you a voice and a platform to stop the madness, If you are one of the leaders involved in the war or even a leader who from another country who is looking the other way, I hope you stop to think what you are doing, think about the lives and countries you destroying, and maybe put your ego away and stop trying to prove who has the (ahem) bigger button, the world is pointing and laughing and is discusted by your actions, take note and stop the destruction
I would like to congratulate all who worked on the track and well done to Shirley Callaghan for not being afraid to speak out, I’m proud of you 
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Listen to ‘Our Leaders Are Sleeping’ HERE


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‘Our Leaders Are Sleeping’ Lyrics

Starting wars
We are looking on
Blood and tears
Fill up our rivers
How can he go so low
Oh the sky is on fire
Dictators conspire
To crush our desires
Our leaders are sleeping
Our leaders are sleeping
No freedom of the press
Trigger happy
Who calls this success
He doesn’t know
Where he’s supposed to be
He lies on national tv
Oh we line up denial
Enjoying our freedom
In the midst of war crimes
Our leaders are sleeping
Our leaders are stalling
We get in line to quench the fire
Go to sleep I’ll switch the light off
Our leaders are hiding
Behind a red line
Behind a red line
Where’s the red line
Oh you send me your secrets
You act like you mean it
Looks like we’ve been dreaming
Our leaders are sleeping
Our leaders are sleeping
Oh you send us a hero
One that we can follow
The empire is falling
Our leaders are sleeping
Our leaders are sleeping

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