John Conlin, from Toronto, Ontario, now residing in Los Angeles, CA., lives in a world of technicolor and electropop, where he creates a sense of urgency driven by massive synth hooks and larger-than-life vocals. He has a new, poignant, dance and pop track dropping June 28, 2024, “I Die Again”.
Conlin says, “I Die Again”, captures the raw and painful emotions of heartbreak and lingering love.” He continues, “Through catchy melodies and evocative lyrics, this song paints a vivid picture of the struggle to move on while being constantly pulled back into the memories of what once was.”
The writing process for, “I Die Again”, was super cathartic for Conlin. He had just gotten out of a short-term relationship, in which he thought would last longer, but kept seeing him in the same social circles. Eventually, he knew his significant other had moved on and Conlin felt like a little piece of him had “died” every time he saw him and thinks pain is sometimes more digestible when it’s masked in electropop production.
Conlin spent the front half of 2024 recording a lot of songs and is close to having a full-fledged album done soon. He is also excited to play more live shows and release all of these beautiful songs he has been creating. Conlin says, “I feel like I found my sound this year and can’t wait to unveil it to the world.”
“I Die Again”, was written by John Conlin and Harris Breyfogle, produced by Skyler Cocco and John Conlin at Skyler’s studio in North Hollywood, CA.


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