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“Something Strange”

Calumet, the funk and soul band out of Phoenix, Arizona formed in 2001, hasn’t stopped putting out incredibly unique music since their inception. They have a new single, “Something Strange”, which has musical roots in Tower of Power and P-Funk, as well as Jane’s Addiction, and is out now. It features sax great Jerry Donato, who evokes a classic vibe with his soloing and section parts.

On “Something Strange”, Calumet is Eric Mobley (vocal, keyboards), Jason Mitchell (bass, guitar, vocal), Julian Mitchell (drums), Michelle Worley (vocal), and Jerry Donato (sax).

Jason says, “Something Strange” is about the pitfalls and quirks of modern dating.  “On the one hand, you don’t really know who you’re interacting with online because people can hide behind a fake bio or photos. On the other, it’s easy for people to be dismissive and superficial when swiping through pics on a dating app.”

The video for, “Something Strange” keeps your attention and evokes more thoughts in the viewer watching it. Jason says, “Everyone has horror stories from dating and dealing with extreme personalities. We’re depicting many of these “worst case scenarios” visually, where the person’s exterior matches the horror within. There’s a bunch of hidden references, even down to the direction of the swipes, since many people choose the wrong partner, knowing it’s a bad move.”

Calumet always have half a dozen or so new tracks in the works and currently have a Patreon campaign running. They are also digitizing a lot of video footage from their early days and putting it on their YouTube and Patreon pages.

Always pushing the envelope and showcasing their talent, Calumet have some unreleased songs from awhile back as well as including a crazy-cool remake of, “Skin Tight” by the Ohio Players.

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