The Color Blew Interview: Evolving Soundscapes, Artistic Journey, and New Single ‘Discount Hearts’


Fanbase Music Magazine is excited to share this updated chat with The Color Blew to hear what they have been up to and learn about their latest single, ‘Discount Hearts’. We discuss their creative journey, achievements, and what fans can expect next.

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Q: Your new single ‘Discount Hearts’ explores themes of self-worth and emotional compromise. Can you delve into the creative process behind this track and the message you hope to convey?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton): Creatively, this song is part of our new cycle of songs, which we kicked off with ‘Love in Space’ last year. It marks a different era for us, where we immensely enjoyed writing these songs as jams that evolved into moments captured as songs. I think the song is yet again a raw moment reflecting our fragile humanity and basic craving for mutual acceptance and affection.

Q: Could you walk us through the songwriting process for ‘Discount Hearts’?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton): Absolutely, it’s very simple. It starts as a jam… the boys play it, and if I hear it in my head, I try and place it within a vocal melody. That then determines the “colour” or mood of the song, which eventually leads to me trying to capture that single moment lyrically. Everyone must feel it … music is emotive and must be felt by all of us in the band; otherwise, it doesn’t work.

Q: What has been the most memorable moment for The Color Blew in creating and releasing ‘Discount Hearts’?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton): I think every time we hit the pre-chorus backbeat, it’s spectacular!

Q: Each of your albums has a distinct sound and thematic focus. Since your sophomore album ‘Light Switch’, you’ve focused on releasing singles. Are these paving the way for the creation of a new album, and what influences your musical direction for your third album?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton): Yeah, interesting question. These singles are what we are concentrating on for now. Further down the line, there could be a collection of these moments, but right now it’s one single at a time.

Q: In a highly competitive music industry, The Color Blew has maintained a unique and authentic voice. What do you believe is the key to your authenticity and staying true to your artistic vision?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton): I don’t think we compete against anyone… we create our art, we tell our stories, and if it resonates with you, then we are happy, and you will walk this road with us. That is what music is to me and what I believe art is—a journey, not a sport or a competition. I think at some point I might have bought into that idea but thank God those days are gone. It has really allowed us to create without boundaries or limits.

Q: Liaan, as a multifaceted member of the band, you’re involved in production, recording, and artwork. How do you balance these roles, and what is your favourite part of the creative process?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton): I don’t know, man. I just focus on doing one thing at a time now, and that seems to work. When we jam and rehearse, I focus on being a musician in The Color Blew only, and when I record the guys and mix the tracks, I try and remove that aspect and focus on the song from an external perspective to gain better insight. It isn’t always easy, but it works for us and makes my heartbeat faster, so yeah, I love that I can contribute to the tapestry in a meaningful way.

Q: Live performances are a crucial aspect of connecting with your audience. How do you ensure that your live shows capture the same intensity and emotion as your studio recordings?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton): I think going out on any stage deserves your full attention. We are real, and we leave it all out on stage. I want to be exhausted after every performance; then I know I was real and showed the people who came out to see us the respect they deserve as fans.

Q: ‘Love in Space’, released last year, marked a significant moment in your career. What was the inspiration behind this single, and how did it resonate with your fans?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton): It was really the catalyst for the new era of the band. The song and the whole way we approached it – from writing to release – really focused us on a new way of doing things. All these singles are really a new lease on life.

Q: As you gear up for the release of ‘Discount Hearts’, what can fans look forward to in terms of upcoming music and projects, and what are some of your aspirations for The Color Blew, both musically and as a band?

The Color Blew (Liaan Horton): I think we are laser-focused on releasing music and content regularly over the next couple of years. The world of music has changed, and us along with it, I would like to think. I want us to connect in ways not possible before with our audience. We can invite them into our lives and share the creation process more openly. That is the goal for me in the future.



We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Color Blew for imparting their perspectives and journey with us. We urge you to connect with The Color Blew across their social media platforms and enjoy their latest track ‘Discount Hearts’ available on all streaming services beginning 5 July HERE



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The Color Blew Bio


Liaan Horton (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Marius Cronje (Bass Guitar)

Timothy Lotter (Lead Guitar)

Armando Santos (Drums)

In the realm of Indie Alternative Rock, The Color Blew stands as a deep and perceptive presence, proudly positioned amidst a sea of commercially driven music that tends to be overproduced. Their sonic landscape serves as a refreshing alternative, where talent and passion seamlessly intertwine with depth and meaning – a sanctuary free from the constraints of conventional musical expectations. Discerning audiences often find themselves immersed in moments of profound listening, captivated by the artful sound and impassioned performances, blissfully oblivious to the world around them.

Since their inception in 2014, The Color Blew has been a stalwart presence in the South African music scene, boasting a collective band experience exceeding 65 years. The quartet comprises Liaan Horton, the soulful voice and rhythmic prowess behind the microphone; Marius Cronje, laying down the foundation on bass guitar; Timothy James Lotter, weaving intricate melodies on lead guitar; and Armando Santos, the heartbeat of the ensemble on drums.

Hailing from the East Rand of Gauteng, South Africa, The Color Blew finds their creative sanctuary in Springs, where they diligently craft, record, and produce their music in their private studio. Their commitment to excellence is unwavering, whether in the studio or under the spotlight, embodying consummate professionalism on every occasion.

Attempting to pigeonhole their sound into a single sub-genre of Rock would be akin to restricting a painter to a single-color palette. Broadly categorized as Alternative Rock, their music transcends boundaries, drawing heavily from the raw energy of Grunge and Punk, as showcased in their debut album ‘The Canvas.’ The evolution of their sonic palette is evident in their newer releases, where the vibrant hues of Jazz and African beats converge with meaningful lyrics, exemplified in their sophomore album ‘Light Switch.’

In 2022, The Color Blew paid homage to the legendary Queen and David Bowie with their rendition of ‘Under Pressure,’ earning a place on the SA Top 40 and various international indie charts. The subsequent year saw the release of ‘Love in Space’, a musical odyssey that propelled them to new heights, securing chart positions with both local and international radio stations. This success underscored the band’s versatility, demonstrating their mastery across a spectrum of genres.

As the calendar turns to 2024, The Color Blew stands on the cusp of a new musical chapter, eagerly anticipating the release of fresh compositions that continue to define their brand of Indie Alternative Rock. On Friday 5 July the new single ‘Discount Hearts’ will be released.

With unwavering passion and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of South African music, The Color Blew remains a dynamic force, etching an indelible mark on the ever-expanding canvas of their musical journey.

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