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It’s officially summertime and Snapcat Bandits have the perfect anthem-like song for the season, “Summer Days”, single and video dropping June 28, 2024. It’s a simple, catchy, pop-rock song, which immediately gets your attention and will have you singing along.

Snapcat Bandits, out of Detroit, Michigan, is Mike Krupinski (guitar, bass, vocals) and Melanie D. Marshall (drums). The band has been together since 2023, and have already made an indelible mark in the rock music world with thousands of plays on music streaming platforms and YouTube.

Mike says, “I wanted a song to represent what summer means to me, which is the warm weather, the ocean, driving around in a convertible, being with your friends and hanging out with palm trees swaying in the background. Good times and good vibes is what summer is to me, and the song is a reflection of that inspiration.”

Snapcat Bandits are currently playing shows and have a performance on June 28, 2024, showcasing their original music. They will debut, “Summer Days”, for the first time before a live audience. This coincides with the beginning of their promotion cycle for their new EP Anything and Nothing.

What’s next for Snapcat Bandits? Mike says, “We are in the early writing process of our as-yet untitled 3rd EP, due out sometime next year. It’s time for us to really challenge ourselves as musicians, as well as challenge the listener. The songs will take a slight turn towards a more moody, dark feel, with a touch of anger. The guitars will tune down, the lyrical content is already leaning towards exploring new topics, and the music as a whole will tell a new story from front to back.”

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