Filthy Hippies release new album Share The Pill


Established in 2018, Filthy Hippies, a South African Alternative trio with a strong Shoegaze influence, have become notable contenders in the burgeoning South African psych scene. Their reputation has been solidified by supporting Post-punk band Dangerfield’s album launch and their performance at the 2019 Endless Daze Festival. Filthy Hippies create a distinctive sound, described as a Phil Spector-esque wall of sound fused with deep-rooted pop inflections. After undergoing personnel changes over the last year or two, the band has re-emerged as a five-piece and is excited to announce their new album, ‘Share The Pill.’

‘The album was born out of a period of uncertainty and change for the band. The new lineup and the challenges they faced inspired them to create an album that emphasizes the importance of valuing time, exploring, questioning, savouring moments, and dreaming. The songs were primarily written during late-night sessions filled with frustration, reflecting the band’s journey back to the stage. The recording process was a blend of home studio sessions and collaborations with Ruan Vos at Sonic Nursery and Floris Le Roux. Described as “a colourful trip through melancholy,” ‘Share The Pill’ promises to deliver a rich and immersive listening experience. 


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