SonOfOld announces new single ‘Sunshine’ ahead of upcoming album
‘Sunshine’ features the talents of Rami Jaffee from the Foo Fighters

Stream ‘Sunshine’ HERE


[PICTURED: Nic Olsen – SonOfOld]
Photo Credit – Cam Lofstrand
South African singer-songwriter Nic Olsen, known for his work with alternative rock band Perez and indie rockers the Parlotones, returns as SonOfOld with his brand-new single ‘Sunshine’, out today, Friday June 28th. The single marks the first release from his eagerly anticipated forthcoming album ‘Echoes from a Silent Hill’, due later this year.

‘Sunshine’ is an infectious track reminiscent of Stealers Wheel’s classic hit ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’, complete with hand claps and an upbeat vibe. The song features the talents of Rami Jaffee from the Foo Fighters on Hawaiian guitar and keys, with renowned producer Theo Crous contributing backing vocals. Described as an “ode to restrained sobriety,” the track emphasizes the uplifting mantra “Don’t forget the sunshine baby,” allowing listeners to interpret the sunshine as whatever they desire.

Stream ‘Sunshine’ HERE
SonOfOld, the solo project of Nic Olsen, showcases Olsen’s extensive musical background. As one of the frontmen and songwriters for early 2000s alternative rock band Perez, Olsen earned two South African Music Award nominations for “Best Rock Album” and achieved four number-one hits in South Africa. His songwriting prowess continued with the Parlotones, penning hits like ‘Push Me to the Floor’ from the platinum-selling album ‘Stardust Galaxies’.
SonOfOld’s discography began with the critically acclaimed albums ‘Change is How You Feel’ and ‘3% Baby’ released in 2008. Rolling Stone (Germany) praised these works, noting the blend of light songwriter-pop acoustic sounds with echoes of Elliott Smith, and a mix of British pop with American 90s indie rock.
Olsen’s subsequent album, ‘The Wolf Album’ (2011), featured drummer Florian Schanze (Obliterations, Pink Mountain Tops) and was recorded in Chicago with the legendary engineer Steve Albini. After a brief hiatus, Olsen returned in 2020 with a self-titled album released by Gallo Records, featuring songs written between 2009 and 2018. This was followed by the EP ‘Ghosts’ in March 2022.
With ‘Sunshine’, SonOfOld continues to demonstrate his ability to evolve and captivate audiences with his signature sound. Fans can look forward to more innovative music from Olsen as he prepares for the release of ‘Echoes from a Silent Hill’ later this year.
[Cover Art for ‘Sunshine’]
Artwork by Cam Lofstrand
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