The Color Blew Unveils Powerful New Single ‘Discount Hearts’ – A Deep Dive into Self-Worth and Emotional Turmoil


The Color Blew’s new single ‘Discount Hearts’ set for release on 5 July is a captivating indie alternative rock anthem that delves into the complexities of self-worth and emotional compromise. Laced with poignant lyrics that reflect on heartbreak and infatuation, the track juxtaposes raw, explosive passion with soothing introspection, embodying the band’s signature authentic energy. With its powerful backbeat and evocative storytelling, ‘Discount Hearts’ offers a deeply reflective and emotionally charged listening experience, further solidifying The Color Blew’s reputation for delivering profound and dynamic music.

‘Discount Hearts’ is available on all platforms Friday 5 July HERE

Commentary by Liaan Horton (Guitarist & Vocalist)

“Do you ask for a discount? Or do you simply discount yourself to everyone and everything… Discounted hearts are where it starts, but not where it ends. Settling for a version accepted when it’s discounted enough to afford, but not really what you want. Just close your eyes and look away, let it happen – your job, your happiness, your heartache, your dinner, your choices … it all ends the same way.

This song is a moment within yourself, a deeply private reflection in an easy-to-swallow wrapper. Pounding like your exploding heart before you kiss the girl, soothing like the embrace you feel when you close your eyes and drift away in a thunderous haze of infatuation. This song is raw, ready, and real … just like we wanted it to be, straight-up backbeat-kicking passion! Exactly what sets us free!”


The Color Blew Bio

Liaan Horton (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Marius Cronje (Bass Guitar)

Timothy Lotter (Lead Guitar)

Armando Santos (Drums)

In the realm of Indie Alternative Rock, The Color Blew stands as a deep and perceptive presence, proudly positioned amidst a sea of commercially driven music that tends to be overproduced. Their sonic landscape serves as a refreshing alternative, where talent and passion seamlessly intertwine with depth and meaning – a sanctuary free from the constraints of conventional musical expectations. Discerning audiences often find themselves immersed in moments of profound listening, captivated by the artful sound and impassioned performances, blissfully oblivious to the world around them.

Since their inception in 2014, The Color Blew has been a stalwart presence in the South African music scene, boasting a collective band experience exceeding 65 years. The quartet comprises Liaan Horton, the soulful voice and rhythmic prowess behind the microphone; Marius Cronje, laying down the foundation on bass guitar; Timothy James Lotter, weaving intricate melodies on lead guitar; and Armando Santos, the heartbeat of the ensemble on drums.

Hailing from the East Rand of Gauteng, South Africa, The Color Blew finds their creative sanctuary in Springs, where they diligently craft, record, and produce their music in their private studio. Their commitment to excellence is unwavering, whether in the studio or under the spotlight, embodying consummate professionalism on every occasion.

Attempting to pigeonhole their sound into a single sub-genre of Rock would be akin to restricting a painter to a single-color palette. Broadly categorized as Alternative Rock, their music transcends boundaries, drawing heavily from the raw energy of Grunge and Punk, as showcased in their debut album ‘The Canvas.’ The evolution of their sonic palette is evident in their newer releases, where the vibrant hues of Jazz and African beats converge with meaningful lyrics, exemplified in their sophomore album ‘Light Switch.’

In 2022, The Color Blew paid homage to the legendary Queen and David Bowie with their rendition of ‘Under Pressure,’ earning a place on the SA Top 40 and various international indie charts. The subsequent year saw the release of ‘Love in Space’, a musical odyssey that propelled them to new heights, securing chart positions with both local and international radio stations. This success underscored the band’s versatility, demonstrating their mastery across a spectrum of genres.

As the calendar turns to 2024, The Color Blew stands on the cusp of a new musical chapter, eagerly anticipating the release of fresh compositions that continue to define their brand of Indie Alternative Rock. On Friday 5 July the new single ‘Discount Hearts’ will be released.

With unwavering passion and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of South African music, The Color Blew remains a dynamic force, etching an indelible mark on the ever-expanding canvas of their musical journey.


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