Snapcat Bandits- Lonely Highway
Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton 
The Snapcat Bandits is a new (at least to me) band I have recently come across, and I am thrilled I did come across them because they are amazing. 
The Snapcat Bandits comprises of duo Mike Krupinski (guitar, bass, vocals) and Melanie D. Marshall (drums). If I were to compare genres of the genre this band falls into, it would be very hard because they could be anything from pop rock to grunge and everything in between, but one thing that does come out strong, especially in this track ‘Lonely Highway’, is that the band’s grunge influences come out strongly, and anyone who knows me knows I love grunge, so I instantly resonated with this band’s sound and this song.
Captured with big guitar sounds and heavy drums, this song has everything that is needed for any rock lover. Mike has a great rock voice that is amazing and can be compared to the best out there, and Melanie’s drumming could be compared to the likes of Dave Grohl; she has that powerful hitting we all love. Dave Grohl is proving that women can play just as well and as hard as any male out there, and she does it with ease and attitude. 
I mentioned big guitar sounds, and that is evident in this song, especially when the chorus hits. This band writes cool licks and riffs that complement the catchy lyrics very well and just make you want to sing along. 
Talking about singing along, the band has also released a very cool lyric video for this song so you can learn the words and sing along. This is not just any lyric video; there has been a lot of thought that has gone into the lyric video and it has some great visuals, particularly riding on a highway, which is quite fitting for the song title and Lonely Highway. An extra congrats need to go to Sarah Ziegler Herringhausen from Blaize Media Inc., who produced the video and did an awesome job. 

when ever I hear this band I can just imagine how they sound live, I think it must be such a great experience and they are definitely on my bucket list to see them play live 
When asked in an interview what the song was about, the band had this to say: Mike’s reply: “The song is about finding mental clarity on your own, your way. Although the song is somewhat simple, the way you can think about it can be done on so many levels. The magic happens with each listener and how they process the feel of the song.” 
Melanie’s reply: Lonely Highway is about getting out of toxic relationships or situations and cyclical patterns that hold you down. It’s about turning away from the patterns and expectations of others. It’s about deciding that you have had enough and that it’s time to take that lonely highway to a destination unknown on a path of self-discovery or a path yet to be traveled in your life. Sanity Beach represents mental clarity and finding a place where you can obtain it. The song is about leaving behind the comfortable toxic crap in your life by venturing out into the great unknown. It’s also about having enough faith and confidence in yourself to make that journey.”
One thing I would like to point out is the great voice Mike has on this song; he hits very impressive notes, and I often find myself with this song stuck in my head and trying to match the great rock grunge voice while singing the song out loud. 
I can picture myself listening to this song while driving on a highway and just needing some time to think with the music turned up. The road ahead of me is clear, and I’m just riding around. Remember I said I sometimes find myself singing this song or it stuck in my head? I can also confirm listening to this song while cooking is a great track to have in the background while making a killer dinner.
I would like to congratulate Mike and Melanie on a great single. I have already been sent the band’s next single, and I can say the band is going from strength to strength. The Snapcat Bandits are an exciting band to look out for. 
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A road less traveled shows concern/ ‘cause love was through with me
An engine starts on three bald tires/ It’s 99 degrees
Emotions overheated/ In an empty tank of lies
Wipers smeared, intentions lost/ I’m not surprised
I’m driving down a lonely highway/ A lonely highway
I’ve gotta do it my way/ Destination no return
Verse 2
A line of guilt runs through my heart/ I’ve been split in two
One side passion one side doubt/ Tell me which is true?
Emotions overheated/ In an empty tank of trust
Time to change my point of view/ It’s sanity beach or bust
I’m on a lonely highway/ A lonely highway/ I’m gonna do it my way/ Destination no return
Twisting and turning the bridges are burning
Shaking and quaking as I’m driving down a lonely highway/Destination no return
Chorus (last choruses and post-chorus)
I’m on a lonely highway
A lonely highway
I’m gonna do it my way
Destination no return
Lonely highway
Lonely highway
Lonely highway
Lonely highway
do it my way
Destination no return
Twisting and turning the bridges are burning
Shaking and quaking as I’m driving down a lonely highway
Destination no return
c.2023 SNAPCAT BANDITS music.

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