Fanbase Music Magazine is an online publication out of South Africa dedicated to bringing music lovers and musicians around the world the latest in local Pop, Rock ‘n Roll, Alternative and Heavy Metal music news, up-dates, interviews and more. Envisioned by Duwyne “Duzzy” Clayton(Chief in Editor), Fanbase Music Magazine formed in 2010 with the soul purpose to promote and support the South African music industry with great interest and passion. As time went by Fanbase started featuring bands from all around the world, building the scene, for the indie and less known bands, giving them a platform to put themselves out there.

Fanbase Music Magazine has turned into a vital tool over a short amount of time for various festival organizers, production companies, record labels, bands and artist as a marketing outlet. Fanbase is here to bring our readers an action packed, entertaining and informative experience of getting to read about the bands, events and music they want to know about. “Duwyne Duzzy Clayton’s leadership, enthusiasm, out-of-the-box thinking and love for the music industry will leave a legacy for music memories for decades to come.